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Is SquareConnects

SquareConnects was created as a way to help small businesses and entrepreneurs to connect in a more intimate environment in efforts to support and encourage one another.

The heart of what SquareConnects believes is “We stay growing when we stay connected!”

What is SquareConnects?

Our Memberships

The Starter

  • Access to Square Connects Networking Hub
  • Listing on the Directory
  • Limited Advertising on
  • Access to ever growing resource Library


The Popular

  • All Previously mentioned
  • Exclusive Access to Leadership team and Expert Advice
  • Unlimited Advertising on
  • Ability to host your own Live Events


The Complete

  • All Previously Mentioned
  • Exclusive one on one with Member of Our Leadership Team
  • Ads Listed on SquareConnects Consumer and Member Newsletter each Month
  • 25 Listings on our Partner Sites for SEO Dominance


“I love how SquareConnects helped me find other small business owners in my area to network with and wether we are in the same industry or not, we are able to connect, learn from each other and collaborate."
Brenda G.
Annie's Childare
“When I first joined SquareConnects, I didn’t even have a logo for my business yet. They were so helpful and friendly. Not only their business reps connected me to another member that could help me but also they provided the funds to purchase it so I could get started. I now have a logo!!"
Marilyn Godfrey
MJ3 Creative Designs

Why Join SquareConnects?

Looking for a small business to support? Looking for specific niche market items?

Great! You are in the right place!

Search our member list and start shopping and connecting today.

Our directory allows you to search by city, state, or industry.

We appreciate you supporting our small business owners by shopping small.

Are you a small business owner who is looking for networking and collaboration opportunities with like-minded individuals?

We have created the perfect space for you to connect with other business owners in your area and create solid business relationships.

Our business connection specialist is dedicated to facilitate effective networking between owners while also uniquely connecting them according to their interests and goals.

Inside SquareConnects you will be able to participate in live interaction sessions with other owners as well as the experts.

Each month we host live online gatherings where our members can discuss and exchange ideas, trending topics, get to know one another and ask questions from the experts.

If you have a topic that you would like to bring to the community?

Simply reach out to our SquareConnects team and let’s get you scheduled to host and moderate on the topic of your expertise.

Our goal is to support our members in their growth!


Our mission is to support small business owners and entrepreneurs by giving every industry member a place of visibility for more consumers and owners to network. We have committed to give each month 10 percent of total profits back into our small business owners through our “Give back Small Program”. We will review and share products as well as help generate leads and referrals for those who provide a service.

Lets Get You Connected


We offer an increasingly growing database.


Monthly webinars and virtual informational meetings.


We offer weekly networking and business marketing tips.


We offer our members a national directory from all small business owners/entrepreneurs from almost all industries.


Low monthly membership fees with non-commitment pricing.


Advertising through SquareConnects site and social media outlets to help broaden audience visibility.


Forums and groups where owners communicate.


Networking support from our connection team.

Ways to connect


Cross- Promotion is where members exchange information across different industries outside of their own goods and/or services. We encourage members to connect with owners  outside of their industry to market a more diverse audience and expand territory. Information of what other industries are doing can potentially have you modify and/or update your current product of service to advance in your industry.

team finishing meeting at squareconnects

Business Networking

Building Relationships with other owners helps entrepreneurs to gain knowledge and information that supports your efforts to grow and even sustain your business. It helps you to stay up to date with what’s trending, collaborate with ideas, and the exchange of marketing strategies.

Cross Advertisement

Where members like, share, and review other members they connect with business ads, information, products and/or services.
team collaborating on project

Giving Back

SquareConnects gives back to its members through the purchasing of goods and referral of leads for those offering a service.